Admissions: Class of 2018

Decision time is upon us and Facebook is loaded with the latest news of acceptances. It is easy for someone to get carried away by this whole process, as I’ve learned the hard way when I was denied access from my dream school. I feel I have a lot to say about this. So here is my message to the people on both sides of the decision.

To those denied:

As I opened the letter that held the admission’s decision from the school I thought was my dream school, I could tell it wasn’t good news. I read the first few words, and slumped back on my couch and cried. I questioned my life’s path, I questioned my own worth, I questioned everything. It felt awful to say the least. I put my heart and soul into the essays and personal statement. I envisioned myself at this school and imagined all the good times I would have and how successful I’d become if only I could attend. But alas, I got denied. I’m still dealing with the emotions from this, but for those denied access from their dream school, I promise in the coming days it will get better and you will become excited about something new.

Who you are is not dependent on a decision made by a few people who barely know you. Who you are is not dependent on the name of the school you go to. Heck, who you are isn’t even dependent on the experiences you have while you are in college. You’ll be the same person, and just as successful whether you attend your safety, or Harvard. Things have a funny way of working out, so you’ll do what you are meant to do no matter what you do during college. I promise you that. If you will it, things will work out.

Getting rejected sucks. I feel that right now, and reading CLASS OF 2018 statuses still stings. But we can’t tie our worth, and we can’t tie our identity to where we go to school. Because if we do then we are nothing. This is a valuable experience. Those of us rejected from our dream schools are having an experience that a Harvard education couldn’t possibly provide for us. We are learning to deal with rejection, to deal with things not working out. We are the ones who will have to learn how to be happy without the perfect plan. We will have to rethink, re-evaluate, and redirect our paths, but in the end this experience of being rejected could be just as valuable as the education we would have received had we been accepted.

To those Accepted:

I’m proud of you all. It is great to be accepted and you all deserve that feeling. Nothing anyone can say can take this from you and I hope you are celebrating. The education you receive will help you on your way to fulfilling your goals and I hope you all take advantage of that opportunity. Connect with as many people as possible, try that weird club your school offers, take that class in that subject you were curious about, and most of all, do what makes you happy.

I’m sure it feels great to be accepted and I must say, I am jealous. Yet I urge you all not to let yourself be defined by the schools you attend nor by the acceptance letter you just received. You already are who you are and your experiences will shape you, but don’t let them become you. You are all awesome people I am sure. So don’t make the school you go to become the only source of your awesomeness. You are who you are. Don’t forget your goals, don’t forget why you are doing what you are doing. Imagine getting denied admission, if you couldn’t be happy in that situation, then there will be situations in the future, when things go wrong that you may become unhappy. Realize that the college alone won’t make you happy. It has to be you that does that. You are worthy and you are important even without that school you just got accepted to, so don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Please take advantage of your situation. Do what makes you happy. And never forget who you really are and why you are doing what you are doing.


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