Response to a Response!

I love getting responses to the ideas I put out. In fact the responses I get are the reason why I blog. Jon wrote about how he was fired up after reading my post, and I think by fired up he meant he wasn’t happy. The goal of this post is to clear up some things that I feel need explaining.

First of all, I agree with the title of his post. Jon is not a lazy teacher and I’m sure the lessons his students learn are valuable and even life changing. In fact many teachers get through to students in a way that is meaningful and life changing. Unfortunately the system that exists obstructs that much of the time. I never would ever call a teacher lazy. I have no misconceptions about the work teachers put in. I, of course, don’t understand the work of a teacher because I am not a teacher! But I would never say a teacher is lazy. In fact I often speak in defense of teachers when a friend makes a comment calling a teacher lazy. The only mention of the word lazy I made was the name calling of kids who hate school.

A part if Jon’s argument was that students should shape their education rather than take it the way it is and just hate it. And I must say I couldn’t agree more. Yet there’s a flaw. 1. We have classes we are required to take. Hence education can never become our own. 2. The classes that could become fun and interesting are often unable to due to things like testing and current models of rote learning. 3. Curiosity/asking questions often is hard for a student as the culture of school is answer answer answer. Students should ask questions I totally agree, but its hard to play an active role when school is one size fit all.

I really agreed with Jon on many things. Hope this clears things up.


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