Random Quotes of Mine

I don’t think the answer is more structured classes. It is not more rigorous standards. It is not “smarter teachers”. It is not smaller class sizes. It’s not a debate about teacher’s unions nor is it a debate about charter schools. It is not more discipline. It many deeper things. It finding passions and exploring them. It’s drawing connections to the world and the people who make it up.

I believe we all have passions. They just evolve and change as we learn more about the world. Explore.

When did it become acceptable to tell a person their vision for the world was unrealistic? Of course it’s unrealistic… If it was reality no one would have to envision it.

Ideas exist outside of how we’ve already created them in this world.

There are many types of people, two of these types are those that make the world, and others who merely become it.

Every problem has depth. That means every solution has depth. Not  an incomprehensible jumble of intricacies. But a coherent mesh of people and the complexities that make them human.

People don’t do things that they are about, the do things that they feel they have to do. Why don’t people do things with passion rather than become weekend warriors living for 2/7 of their life?

I am an idealist, and that is good.


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