So remember the Global Classroom idea I told you about?

Well, the vision of my friend and I has come to the life in the form of a Facebook group called Sekvacio.

Sekvacio is a combination of the Esperanto term “Sekva Generacio”, meaning next generation. Esperanto was a language created with the goal of it becoming a universal language. Understanding between people of every corner of the world is the only thing that will bring us towards peace and harmony. Being that the goal of our group is to empower world thinkers, we believed Esperanto, a language for the world, and Next Generation, the people who will soon make our world tick, really summed up our purpose.

Sekvacio can become anything we want to make it. A platform for discussion at its most basic level, but from there. . . anything. Even coming to the realization that there is a whole world outside of our doors filled with people, places, ideas and wonder that we can experience is enough to just think about for years, but when we actually interact with each other even more doors are opened up. 

Sekvacio will foster connection, a world view, a view of the complex, an appreciation for culture and history, and so much more. 


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