A Ramble

WARNING: This is a ramble!

I have a lot of ideas.

Expressing these ideas, to this day, presents a problem for me. I wish I could take my mind and give it to someone else for a few minutes so they could see my ideas the way I do. I don’t mean this in an argumentative type of way, even though that is very important. What I mean is just explaining an idea can be very frustrating when you feel someone doesn’t see things the way you do.

Communication, as the saying goes, is key. But in addition to good communication, an important thing is to understand that people have different minds. That preconceived notions may skew something you say. That changing how another person sees something is incredibly difficult.

In explaining my ideas about life, learning and the world, I often encounter myself at a loss for how to best describe my ideas. They are too complex I suppose, but I guess saying that gives me more credit than I deserve. In reality, the cliche “Have an open mind”, really applies to understanding what I think and believe.

I’m not sure why it is hard to understand my ideas. I guess that it is even hard for me to understand my ideas. I know they are evolving. I know they are complicated. I know all my ideas are connected. Putting these two things, the complication and the connectedness of all things, together puts the world in a frame.

I can’t claim to have all the answers when talking about learning. I don’t have a step by step map to the a learning utopia, nor do I consider myself an expert AT ANYTHING. What I can provide though, is a knowledge that the problems we see in all things aren’t unsolvable. A knowledge that to solve the “unsolvable”, we must acknowledge complexities and connections that make up all of our problems. A total rethinking of how we learn has to include a rethinking of everything. Pinpointing certain problems will get us somewhere, but it can also just distract us from the big picture. Specific goals are good, but are a lot better in the context of larger ones. So fixing one aspect of school is important, but it won’t do much of anything unless it is along with the big picture.

Education is a complicated thing. It is affected by the “real world”, but also shapes the “real world”. In thinking about education we can’t keep it off in a bubble where solutions come without thinking about the rest of the world.

  1. John said:

    I agree with this assessment. Often times it is difficult for one to communicate an idea because it is the product of one’s own mind. A myriad of factors (i.e. environment, intellectual capacity) inform an idea, and sometimes others do not have these preconditions, making the delineation process much more arduous than expected. Anyway, keep on writing, and do not worry if your piece sounds like a rant. In fact, a rant provides more insight into a writer’s emotions and allows an outside observer to appreciate the passion involved.

    • I love ranting. Rambles and rants certainly provide insight into what a person is passionate about. Rambling and ranting definitely have similarities. I suppose it is good that I do both.

  2. I actually think you speak a lot more truth about the education system than a lot of people. And being in the minority when it comes to public opinion does not make what you say less important. In fact I often find myself agreeing with such opinions as I myself often swim against the tide of public opinion. I think all too often people think if the majority of people agree with something then they must be right but that’s often not the case. I have read one or two of your blogs and I agree with a lot of what you say. It is healthy to ramble, though I wouldn’t call what you said above rambling. I know it can be hard at times but I would try and have more faith in your beliefs as I think a lot of them are good.

    • Thank you very much. I have faith in my beliefs, my worry is that other people don’t. I want to be able to convince, or atleast explain to, people my ideas. Rather than them flat out disagreeing, I just don’t think I always do a great job of explaining.

      I hope other people express their views on learning because getting as many ideas out as possible is important. Public discourse is incredibly important. Learning should be on our minds always.

      • I know what you mean. I was very unconfident about debating until I got to know more like-minded people online. Then last month I released a blog on here about a very personal issue that has affected my life a lot. I got a bit of opposition, some found what I say offensive. But I think there are some topics that need to be spoken about even if they are not easy issues to debate and even if they are controversial. Having debated online for about 3 years now I can say it does get easier with experience.

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