What we can Learn From my Dog

I was never a dog person. Since I got licked in the eye by my friends dog years ago, I’ve just been afraid. But since we got our dog, Mocha, about a year ago, I’ve had a pretty awesome time with her.

I believe we can learn a lot from Mocha. She is curious, she explores, she interacts with the world. On the most basic level, Mocha is learning. Just like Mocha, I think we are all naturally curious. The challenge is keeping that curiosity.

Mocha’s waking hours are spent begging for food, subsequently eating that food, barking at squirrels, running around the house, playing with her toys, and interacting with my family and me.

She has come a long way from the puppy she once was. She now knows not to fall for my pump fakes when we play fetch, and that she can jump up to the couch without our help. She still explores, she is still curious, she still learns.

I think we can learn a lot from her in this respect. She picks up on things from our world by interacting with us or by monitoring the outside world from her perch atop the windowsill.

Every kid has that instinct to learn, explore and interact. We pick up on patterns just by living. Of course we are more complicated than dogs. But ON the most basic level, kids and Mocha interact with the world and therefore learn. Not because they are told to, but because it is their instinct.

We have to take the idea of natural curiosity and natural learning and apply it to how we see school. Our world is a place with so much. Let us be kids, let us learn. We have to stay this curious forever.


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  1. Zoe said:

    Wow. This is very poignant.

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