A Global Classroom?

The title of my blog is “The World as a classroom”. One of the beliefs I hold most dear is that we are all connected. Whatever continent, religion, ethnicity, gender, we are all connected. On the mos basic of levels, like just breathing the same air, but also to all the complexities that make up our world and our spirit.

I’ve always been so curious about the world and people. The perspectives everyone has, their experiences, and how they see the world is an incredible thing to think about.What better way to understand, share, and think than to discuss, debate, and just plain interact with people around the world?

With the belief of learning from the world and the belief of fostering understanding of people, we will be starting a Global Classroom. It will develop into a place to discuss ideas, experiences, passions, issues and the world.

It will help to. . .

Foster understanding throughout the world starting during our most important years: childhood.

Develop our thinking through being exposed to new perspectives.

Introduce ourselves to new people and places

Come to an understanding that we are all connected .

There are so many possible things to get out of an interaction with people that limiting to a list like this is impossible.

Anything having to do with learning, connectedness, and an understanding of the complexity of our world, or just live and even more will be a possibility.

  1. Zoe said:

    This is a very good idea! Let me know when you create it.

  2. Lani said:

    Beginning a global classroom sounds exciting! Your understanding the power and potential of connectedness for learning and for developing relationships will enable so many possibilities. I hope you will be willing to allow educators to join you– I’d be honored to be included.

    My best wishes,

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