Am I a Legitimate Voice?

Who sees me as legitimate? I don’t have a job, so I’m not a taxpayer. I don’t have my PHD. I can’t claim to have read 1000 books on any subject nor have I seriously researched anything. Heck, you know. . . I haven’t even graduated high school. Yet I have opinions and reactions to the same things everyone has to deal with. No, I’m not a scholar looking back at my high school experience and pondering its effectiveness. I’m a student. A student who loves learning and loves exploring the world. But on the rung of who you’d listen to. . . I’m behind everyone.

That is a funny thing you know? Systems are systems, the world is what we make it, but think about who is creating the education system. The most educated of people are of course! That all makes sense right. Who better to create the schools, than the people who were the best student?

Oh yeah… I bet you’re thinking “he’s going to say that educated people are “brainwashed by the system”. No, that is not where I am going. Educated people should be valued, and all people should be educated.

What I am saying is that someone like me, who has a passion for learning, will never get to the standard of success in life needed to become a prominent voice in policy making. That is the reality. I don’t have good grades, I won’t go to Harvard, I won’t be secretary of education. And I’m damn okay with that. I just want things to change though. I just want other voices to be heard. It is ironic because it is more likely that the people succeeding in a faulty system will move on to bigger and better things while the people who fail in such a system will likely never have a chance or a say in changing it. This system needs to change and I don’t know how to say it in any other way. Maybe it is a hippy cliche to say “the system”. But I am fed up with school. Gosh, I can’t stand it. The worst part of my day is going to school. Hey I guess I’m lazy. But I have legitimate concerns about how I learn. I find problems with how we learn. And voicing these problems merely gets me the usual answer of “just play the game”. Dammit I’m sick and tired of playing this game we call school. It is time for a change and that won’t happen unless we listen to new voices.

  1. Zoe said:

    By writing this blog, you are extremely legitimate. That is a fact.

  2. You are absolutely legitimate. You have gone beyond idle griping to publicly voicing your concerns and opinions. Not only that, but you express them well. Keep speaking out and demanding that the education system does better because you and every other student deserve better.

  3. Carl Rosin said:

    Here’s something school districts can do to honor students like you: the next time your school needs a new principal or the district needs a new superintendent, they can have the semifinalist candidates meet with a small panel of students, and NOT only the students with A+ averages. You should be on that panel once, and every student who wants to be a productive voice in the school should have a lottery chance. What does a candidate say to charges like the one you level in this post? I’d like to know, before I’m willing to offer that person a job….

  4. Some teens have decided to take ownership of their learning and opt out of school so they can be and do the amazing things they’re capable of. Funny. We’ve told kids you need to go to school to get into college or have a career, but these non-schooled kids are doing great.

    If you don’t like school, leave. It will make you stand out and give you a leg up on everyone else who is hanging around and following orders they know are not in their best interest.

    Not sure? Connect with other school-free teens at

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