I Must be Lazy

I only participate in one sport and club, neither of which I am the head of. I must be lazy.

I only take one AP class this year. I must be lazy.

After school I enjoy watching the news or reading a book, rather than studying or doing all of my homework. I must be lazy.

I often get lost during spanish, analyzing the globe that is strategically placed near my desk. I must be lazy.

I’ve never had an all night study session because I prefer to go to sleep, I must be lazy.

Last year I went to a concert the night before a test. I must be lazy.

I prefer to learn spanish by watching a movie or reading the news rather than complete worksheets and fill in vocabulary sheets. I must be lazy.

Math class bores me. I must be lazy.

I try to take as little time as possible to do homework. I must be lazy.

I make it a priority to think and analyze history rather than memorize it. I must be lazy.

During class I think about everything but class. I must be lazy.

I hate school. I must be lazy.

We must end the notion that people who don’t put their hearts and soul into school are lazy. Instead we must realize that for many people it is impossible to put their heart and soul into a system they feel doesn’t help them learn and doesn’t let them follow their passions.

The frustrated kids who realize that learning is more than what school makes it out to be. . . they aren’t lazy, they just have better things to do. Let their minds wander. School can be different.

  1. Zoe said:

    Very interesting! And very real. And very poetic, as well! I’m impressed!

  2. Anonymous said:

    You guys are adorable! I agree very poetic, can definitely see you turning that into ‘spoken word.’

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