Getting Lost and Exploring

I love the internet. It connects the world. Brings me to new ideas, new people, and even new places. I truly believe internet access is one of the most important things I have.

Whenever I come home from track, after school, I sit on my computer and just get lost. I read articles, listen to music, watch videos of things that peak my interest, see the latest news, hear the opinions, see what my friends from across the world are up to and of course. . . write these posts. As I said. . . I get lost on the internet.

The word lost has some interesting connotations. Getting lost in the literal sense. . . can mean going to a place you don’t know, and being unsure of where you are. But as we all know, lost has a much deeper, sometimes bad, but always complicated meaning. Getting lost can be scary, like if you are on a run in Hurricane, Utah (true story, but for another day). But getting lost can also introduce you to things you would otherwise never find. Getting lost in my thoughts, getting lost in a conversation, a movie, a book, a song, and so many other things, can just just be the most beautiful feeling.

Have you ever thought about a thought? Then you find yourself thinking about yourself thinking about a thought. Are you following this? I think getting lost does some incredible things for your mind. It is the greatest release from the world, getting lost with your best friend in laughter, or getting lost in your passion for something you truly believe can inspire you and make you appreciate all the little things.

I think learning to appreciate those moments where you lose yourself are important. Whether the good or bad “lost”, you come out with something you didn’t have before. Losing yourself when you get mad can be terrible. But at least after it you know you’ve expressed your true feelings. Now you can work it out and try never to lose yourself in a fit of rage like that again. Of course, other times you may want to get lost again. Like when you have that feeling of a conversation with someone you love, when you feel that the words you say just pour out with out any effort. Or when the words you write in your journal just pour out. Losing yourself helps you discover new things.

I urge you all. . . don’t always be afraid to get lost.

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  1. zgsactress said:

    Wow. This is amazing. Wow.

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