Voice of a Student: Zoe

Hey, everyone! I’m Zoe and I’m here to give my input on school. I go to an all-girls’ private school in Manhattan, so my school experience is certainly different from Justin’s. I love my school, especially because it is small, so I get a lot of individualized attention from all my teachers. I know for a fact that if this were not the case at my school, I would not be the person I am today. I love to write, read, act, sing, dance, draw, paint, learn, and so much more, and I actually discovered many of these hobbies through school and my teachers. They opened my eyes to the world in a way which was suited perfectly for me and catered to all of my loves and interests.

Most of my classes are very engaging and interesting. My favorite subjects include…

• Math: This year I’m taking Calculus, and I love it! It is the most captivating math class I have ever taken, partially because it gives explanations for how every math topic I’ve studied my whole life. Additionally, my amazing teacher views math class as a time for discussion, similarly to how English class is run, so instead of being handed formulas or rules to solve a certain math problem, we are given clues as to how certain math problems can be solved, and then we work as a whole class to solve the problems. This not only creates an amazing sense of community, but it also allows us to hear how our classmates go about solving math problems, and we can incorporate their strategies into our own so as to further our understanding of math and ease with solving problems.
• Latin: We are currently studying and analyzing the poetry of Catullus, an Ancient Roman writer, which is exactly my cup of tea. I have been taking Latin at school since eighth grade, and I’m very glad to be able to use my knowledge of Latin to aid my understanding of Catullus’s poetry. Additionally, I have a special appreciation of Catullus’s poetry because I am a poet myself. I understand Catullus’s emotions, writing style, and literary devices, and this makes me love his poetry (and love learning about it!) even more. I find it very special that a topic I am learning about in class can relate so much to my interests in life.
• French: Right now, we are reading the screenplay of Au Revoir, Les Enfants, a very sad, yet amazing, French movie about boys in a Catholic boarding school during World War II. This is the perfect example of my classes at school – they are often interdisciplinary, which allows us to receive a very widespread education involving many subjects at a time. Also, I love the French language very much, and I’ve been learning it in school since kindergarten, so I truly appreciate it, and I feel very well prepared to be reading French literature and practicing my conversational French in class, as well. I hope to someday live in France during college for a semester and continue visiting France (as well as other Francophone countries) for the rest of my life.

Additionally, my school offers a plethora of activities that perfectly suit my interests, such as a newspaper, an art and literary magazine, and a great drama program. Because of these activities, I was (and still am!) able to expand my knowledge, interests, and experience with each of my hobbies. This makes me extremely, extremely happy – and happiness is certainly a feeling to strive for!

A person’s opinion of school most definitely relates to what the school is able to offer the person and what the person can offer school. I am sincerely thankful that I am attending a school that is a good fit for me. Hopefully, in the near future, when it is time for me to apply to colleges, I can find a college that is perfect for me and makes me as happy / gives me the same sense of fulfillment as my school does right now.

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