By the Students, For the Students

So a common theme of my beliefs, is an idea of a student voice. I want to get other voices, besides my own to be shared on this blog. I already have some friends who may be guest writers which I am really excited about!

If you have any ideas you’d like to share, you can send me an Email (, or just post it in a comment!

The voice of the student is the most important in education. Let’s hope people start listening.

  1. shaina said:

    hey struds. a popular topic nowadays is how the teaching/school system is outdated and not working. maybe you should talk about what you think needs to be reformed. for example there’s this boarding school in new hampshire that has classrooms with these big circle tables. and instead of sitting in a typical classroom setting with the teacher in the front and with kids in rows behind desks, they have less students + sit in a circle (they have big oval tables). all the students i’ve met from that school have GREAT debating and discussion skills and i think it’s because of the way they’re taught. a lot of people talk about reform but don’t give examples.

  2. Great idea Shaina! The way we teach is definitely outdated. Teacher lecturing, we don’t make use of the technology we have at our disposal: phones are meant to stay in our pockets, worksheets and textbooks make everything boring. I propose a different type of classroom. Laptops or computers at every desk, and no work from textbooks to be honest. Those circular tables are a great idea! I hope to be able to give more examples. But I can’t pretend to have all of the ideas. The problems honestly run deeper than “reform”, and it has to start with an attitude shift. Thats why I believe voicing my frustrations is a useful thing.

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