Those who

To everyone who goes to school to get out.
For those who spend more time looking at the clock than they do at the blackboard.
To the kids who want to doodle more than they want to take notes.
For the ones who would rather spend their time reading a novel than memorizing vocabulary words.

I get it.

Who would rather discuss than list.
Who write poetry not formatted essays.
Who ask questions to understand, not to do well on the test.

I get it.

For the ones who don’t take things at face value.
The ones who flip to the stories and “culture grams” in their Spanish textbook.

I get it.

Who stare at the globe in the front of room when they finish their assignment.
Who get their pleasure from understanding Newton’s first law, not just memorizing its definition.
Who think more about the world than they do about their grade.

I get it.

Those who want more.
Those who seek understanding in everything.
Those who see things differently.
Those who dream big.

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  1. zgsactress said:

    very eloquently written

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