My Reasons for this Blog

Frustration is an interesting thing. It can take a lot of forms. Imagine that feeling of trying to fit a thread into the hole of a needle (Bad example but you get the picture). You want to scream and start hitting your head on the wall, I know I do. But frustration when thought out, frustration when applied, and frustration when acted upon can be a beautiful thing. Dr. King was frustrated about the inequality in America. FDR was frustrated about the economic disaster he inherited. The point being, frustration, when thought about, and acted upon can result in the largest of all problems to be solved (now, maybe you aren’t a fan of the beliefs behind the New Deal, but do you at least understand the point I’m making?).

I wish I could think about myself as a crusader for some higher moral justice, or the provider of all peace on earth, but that of course isn’t the reality. In reality, I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated about school! Like many kids I hate school. Not because I hate learning, because in fact I love learning! I love getting into a debate with my friends. I love arguing a point a pundit just made. I love reading the news. I love exploring any city, I love exploring the world, I love understanding anything I possibly can.

I think everyone shares at least some aspects of this curiosity I have! So why is it that I, and so many other kids seem to go through school with the two goals of 1. Getting into college, and 2. Getting the heck out of school? Notice, neither of these goals involve acquiring a skill or understanding something new. Neither of these goals involve learning anything in fact. Okay maybe I’m simplifying some kids’ goals, and hey. . . you are right. But too many students care too little about what they learn, and care instead for the grade they receive while learning. Students are a product of their environment and I think our environment encourages grades and colleges as incentive over legitimate care for engaging their minds. Unfortunately, I’m a prime subject of this, call me lazy or forgetful or whatever you want to call it. But I cannot tell you what I learned in math in 8th or 9th grade. All I can tell you is that I, who once loved solving problems and puzzles, failed many quizzes and tests and soon couldn’t bare to do another problem.

In this blog I will explore what I think are some reasons for my own and other’s distaste with school, some things that can maybe fix it, my views of education, and so many other things that I don’t even know yet. Hopefully you’ll either learn something new (maybe not), or be challenged to think or question something about learning as you know it. It’ll be a learning process for me and hopefully anyone who reads this.

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